Freak A. Della’s second single, Culture Clash, combines western elements of house music with ancient chanting and drums from the East. To some listeners the vocals may seem a bit “off”. Others may realize the main vocal is part of a chant with microtones typical in eastern tonality. 

The culture clash depends on the listeners perspective and they can decide whether or not these elements should inhabit the same environment. Freak A. Della, a first generation Cambodian American, grew up in New York State and now lives in Berlin. She studied classical piano at the Crane School of Music in Potsdam, New York, electronic music production in Berlin, and earned an MBA in international business in Germany.  She is no stranger to the cultural clashes that sometimes happen between eastern and western cultures. 

“As an Asian American, I still notice how Asians are relegated to the exotic box from New York to Germany. Even when we are born on the same soil and grow up in the same western country, we are always considered something exotic. More to the point, we are still considered an “other”, a synonym for not being part of the western culture. Asians are pretty much invisible in the race discussion. You can’t have a discussion with people you don’t even see. That’s why visibility is important. It’s important to me that I’m not only a queer role model, but a role model for women and also for Asian Americans.” - Freak A. Della

Culture Clash is available in many online stores, including iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Stream it on Spotify too!