Freak A. Della Releases Go East

Freak A. Della’s album touches upon a recurring theme of the East in her life. The Asian American grew up on the East Coast with Southeast Asian roots. This often left her unaccepted by both cultures. She wasn’t American enough for many nor Asian enough for others. Yet, as an Asian American, she is in fact both. The space of not quite being one or the other, and yet being both, is exactly where Freak A. Della lives and creates a space for herself.

Go East surprises with bouncy, yet deep dance floor tracks that you want to dance to endlessly and wade through, such as Vorsicht Heiss (feat. MADO). Nobody and Queer City are straight up  boiling bangers that heat up the crowd. Still, a pervasive melancholy seeps through the album most likely reflective of the music producer herself. The album pulls beats from the kicking and swinging gritty Berlin nightlife, as well as Afro-Latin percussion and ancient African and Asian instruments (mbira and guzheng). Despite the miscellaneous nature of the record, Freak. A. Della’s magical touch holds it together with experimental, layered production, and strong melodic motifs. In addition to a diverse sonic pallet, Go East features a diverse group of female artists who have African American, Polish-German, and Israeli roots. (Breezy, MADO, Rona G.)

The influences on the album come from the Eastern musical inspiration and Eastern identity in  juxtaposition to the Western norms and schemes. Freak A. Della enriches the straight Western beats with Eastern rhythms and queer colours. She transforms both the frustration of not belonging as well as the joy of music making into a contagious tapestry of electronic tunes with an extraordinary talent for composition and songwriting. 

Find Go East on many digital platforms, including iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, and Spotify.



Although Freak A. Della has been relatively quiet, she has been up to a lot and in the studio working on her biggest release yet.

There is also already some live footage of a new track with Breezy. which is set to be on the album.

Shake your booty in excited anticipation to Queer City. You can expect this on the next album too.


Freak A. Della Releases Lady DJ

The highly anticipated single, Lady DJ (feat. Breezy) hit stores today. The single release also comes with two more previously unreleased tracks, I’m a Drag Queen, and Hey Gurl (feat. Melli Magic). Freak A. Della leaves no room to question where she stands about women in electronic music, hip hop, and drag queens. See her perform her new single live Thursday at Meetup at Loophole in Neukölln, followed by a DJ set and other talented artists. 

Lady DJ (feat. Breezy) came into creation when Freak A. Della met Breezy in Berlin. They wanted to make a statement about women in electronic music and hip hop. The consciously minimal live set up, only a mic and a small MIDI controller instrument, highlights their belief you don’t need tons of music gear to create. Breezy raps, “State your case we ain’t good at electronics! Ready or not - here we come…” Whether or not people choose to notice women in the music industry doesn’t change the fact that women like Freak A. Della and Breezy are not waiting for permission or for people to recognize them. They are already here and contributing.

The second track off the single release, I’m A Drag Queen, shows Freak A. Della’s quirkier side and is a sort of formal introduction to the world as a drag queen producer. Listeners immediately wonder who the comical male voice is in the song. Many are surprised to find out, both voices are actually Freak A. Della’s due to her production magic! She stood in a studio and had the entire conversation with herself in one take and knew it was all she needed. Melli Magic also finds her way onto this release in the final track, Hey Gurl. As the story goes, Chandelier Divine Brown was listening to a WhatsApp message in Freak A. Della’s kitchen. She overheard the message and fell in love with Melli’s voice. After she made it very clear to Chandelier Divine Brown that she needed to have this audio, Melli Magic graciously allowed her to use it. Basically, if you like hip hop, queer pop, and experiments with drag queen audio messages, check out Freak A. Della’s latest release!

Lady DJ is available in iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify and many others to follow soon.


See Freak A. Della perform live and DJ:
Thursday at Loophole in Neukölln
Boddinstr. 60, 12053 Berlin

19:00 female:pressure FACTS survey
21:00 Freak A. Della single release performance LIVE
21:20 Sifonics LIVE
22:00 Freak A. Della DJ
22:45 Strip Down (Elie Gregory) DJ
23:30 - End PHROND LIVE

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Freak A. Della takes over the deep house / electro floor for L-Tunes Friday, 25 November 2016, at SchwuZ. German speakers who see or hear Freak A. Della’s name can’t help but conjure up an image of that tasty little piece meat that often finds its way to parties. Freak A. Della only uses the freshest beats and a special blend of international spices to ensure that party-goers enjoy their audio snack. The talented DJ roster for the night also includes DJs Carouzo, Trust.The.Girl, LadyChan, and Lennox. L-Tunes offers three dance floors, ensuring that everyone’s taste will be satisfied and leave you hungry for more. 

Freak A. Della, first generation Cambodian American from New York State, is no stranger to entering new territory. The Berlin based electronic music producer and DJ has an uncanny ear for mixing genres from Tech-House, Pop, to Hip Hop. This comes as no surprise. Her highly developed ear comes from over twenty-five years of classical music training. She studied classical piano performance at the Crane School of Music in Potsdam, New York and electronic music production in Berlin. Freak A. Della blends DJ sets flawlessly while she adds percussion and harmonies to bring songs a new level of energy. Below is an appetizer. See you there. 

L-Tunes Party
25 November 2016
• START 22:30 UHR

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Freak A. Della’s second single, Culture Clash, combines western elements of house music with ancient chanting and drums from the East. To some listeners the vocals may seem a bit “off”. Others may realize the main vocal is part of a chant with microtones typical in eastern tonality. 

The culture clash depends on the listeners perspective and they can decide whether or not these elements should inhabit the same environment. Freak A. Della, a first generation Cambodian American, grew up in New York State and now lives in Berlin. She studied classical piano at the Crane School of Music in Potsdam, New York, electronic music production in Berlin, and earned an MBA in international business in Germany.  She is no stranger to the cultural clashes that sometimes happen between eastern and western cultures. 

“As an Asian American, I still notice how Asians are relegated to the exotic box from New York to Germany. Even when we are born on the same soil and grow up in the same western country, we are always considered something exotic. More to the point, we are still considered an “other”, a synonym for not being part of the western culture. Asians are pretty much invisible in the race discussion. You can’t have a discussion with people you don’t even see. That’s why visibility is important. It’s important to me that I’m not only a queer role model, but a role model for women and also for Asian Americans.” - Freak A. Della

Culture Clash is available in many online stores, including iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Stream it on Spotify too! 



Freak A. Della’s first official single release is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon, among many other online music stores. Listeners can hear her classical music training and hip hop influences in the pizzicato strings and drums. Devotion features the charismatic voice of Mario for the perfect pairing of electronica and melancholic vocals.

Listen to Devotion (Feat. Mario)!