Freak A. Della Releases Lady DJ

The highly anticipated single, Lady DJ (feat. Breezy) hit stores today. The single release also comes with two more previously unreleased tracks, I’m a Drag Queen, and Hey Gurl (feat. Melli Magic). Freak A. Della leaves no room to question where she stands about women in electronic music, hip hop, and drag queens. See her perform her new single live Thursday at Meetup at Loophole in Neukölln, followed by a DJ set and other talented artists. 

Lady DJ (feat. Breezy) came into creation when Freak A. Della met Breezy in Berlin. They wanted to make a statement about women in electronic music and hip hop. The consciously minimal live set up, only a mic and a small MIDI controller instrument, highlights their belief you don’t need tons of music gear to create. Breezy raps, “State your case we ain’t good at electronics! Ready or not - here we come…” Whether or not people choose to notice women in the music industry doesn’t change the fact that women like Freak A. Della and Breezy are not waiting for permission or for people to recognize them. They are already here and contributing.

The second track off the single release, I’m A Drag Queen, shows Freak A. Della’s quirkier side and is a sort of formal introduction to the world as a drag queen producer. Listeners immediately wonder who the comical male voice is in the song. Many are surprised to find out, both voices are actually Freak A. Della’s due to her production magic! She stood in a studio and had the entire conversation with herself in one take and knew it was all she needed. Melli Magic also finds her way onto this release in the final track, Hey Gurl. As the story goes, Chandelier Divine Brown was listening to a WhatsApp message in Freak A. Della’s kitchen. She overheard the message and fell in love with Melli’s voice. After she made it very clear to Chandelier Divine Brown that she needed to have this audio, Melli Magic graciously allowed her to use it. Basically, if you like hip hop, queer pop, and experiments with drag queen audio messages, check out Freak A. Della’s latest release!

Lady DJ is available in iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify and many others to follow soon.


See Freak A. Della perform live and DJ:
Thursday at Loophole in Neukölln
Boddinstr. 60, 12053 Berlin

19:00 female:pressure FACTS survey
21:00 Freak A. Della single release performance LIVE
21:20 Sifonics LIVE
22:00 Freak A. Della DJ
22:45 Strip Down (Elie Gregory) DJ
23:30 - End PHROND LIVE

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