Freak A. Della Releases Go East

Freak A. Della’s album touches upon a recurring theme of the East in her life. The Asian American grew up on the East Coast with Southeast Asian roots. This often left her unaccepted by both cultures. She wasn’t American enough for many nor Asian enough for others. Yet, as an Asian American, she is in fact both. The space of not quite being one or the other, and yet being both, is exactly where Freak A. Della lives and creates a space for herself.

Go East surprises with bouncy, yet deep dance floor tracks that you want to dance to endlessly and wade through, such as Vorsicht Heiss (feat. MADO). Nobody and Queer City are straight up  boiling bangers that heat up the crowd. Still, a pervasive melancholy seeps through the album most likely reflective of the music producer herself. The album pulls beats from the kicking and swinging gritty Berlin nightlife, as well as Afro-Latin percussion and ancient African and Asian instruments (mbira and guzheng). Despite the miscellaneous nature of the record, Freak. A. Della’s magical touch holds it together with experimental, layered production, and strong melodic motifs. In addition to a diverse sonic pallet, Go East features a diverse group of female artists who have African American, Polish-German, and Israeli roots. (Breezy, MADO, Rona G.)

The influences on the album come from the Eastern musical inspiration and Eastern identity in  juxtaposition to the Western norms and schemes. Freak A. Della enriches the straight Western beats with Eastern rhythms and queer colours. She transforms both the frustration of not belonging as well as the joy of music making into a contagious tapestry of electronic tunes with an extraordinary talent for composition and songwriting. 

Find Go East on many digital platforms, including iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, and Spotify.